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Platinum Cabin Boarding

On Board The Ghan

We hopped aboard The Ghan to show you inside Australia’s most Iconic train journey.

The Ghan has long been an iconic Australian journey, travelling through the heart of Australia from Adelaide to Darwin. After being listed as one of Conde Nast’s Top Train journeys, and as more Australians look closer to home for their 2021 travel experience, we hopped aboard to show you inside the iconic train.

Platinum Class

The luxury train is split into 2 classes, with Platinum being top of the line. The carriage classes are signalled by flags and welcome mats so you know where to board. Once on board it’s impossible not to imagine you’ve been transported back to the golden era of train travel.

Being more spacious than the Gold class cabin, there are 2 cabin layouts to choose from in Platinum class, either a twin or double. Similar to some business class layouts, the twin or double determines if your seats are next to each other (converting into a double bed) with side tables along the walls of the cabin, or separated with the side table in the centre of the cabin. Both layouts are equally spacious so the choice comes down to your preference for a double or twin bed.

Your cabin attendant will turn your bed down for you upon request, transforming your seats to beds and even providing a luxury bath robe.

Inside your cabin you’ll find a table stocked with some onboard amenities including water, hand sanitiser, lanyards and information brochures for your journey.

The bathroom is also well stocked with a range of APPELLES toiletries. This Australian luxury skincare range is made with the finest essential oils and botanicals, and feels like the perfect product to bathe in whilst gliding across the centre of Australia.

Another benefit of Platinum Class is the size of the bathroom. Whilst many train bathrooms are configured with the shower in the main part of the bathroom, the Platinum cabins have a separate shower cubicle, providing you with additional space and greater usability.

Adjoining the Platinum sleeping carriages are the lounge and dining carriages where you can enjoy your inclusive onboard food and drinks while socialising with fellow passengers. The dining and lounge carriages are well appointed with leather banquette seating and white tableclothed dining. A stylish on board lounge and restaurant experience with fine food and premium wines to be enjoyed with the ever-changing views.

Gold Class

Whilst smaller and slightly more dated than Platinum Class, the Gold Class cabins onboard The Ghan are still well appointed and a comfortable way to travel. Again, the cabins are signposted on the platform, making it easy to know where to board.

The Gold Class cabins are configured with a bunk bed, with the top bunk folding away while you’re using the cabin as a sleeping space. The train attendants will turn down your cabin and prepare your beds upon request, even leaving a customary chocolate on the pillow for an after dinner snack.

Your cabin is stocked with amenities to use onboard including water bottles and hand sanitiser in your cabin, and APPELLEs luxury skincare products in your bathroom.

Although compact, the Gold Class bathrooms are well appointed and stylishly designed, providing a comfortable onboard experience.

Adjoining the Gold Class sleeping carriages are the dining and lounge carriages where you can enjoy your included meals and drinks and socialise with your fellow passengers. The staffed cart stays open late with full service provided. The Queen Adelaide dining room makes you feel as though you have travelled back in time and, like the Platinum dining car, features white tablecloth service and stunning views out the landscape windows.

Australia’s (and one of the world’s) greatest train journey is one not to be missed. A bucket list item for many, The Ghan currently has a number of special offers available to book. See all our Ghan deals and contact our expert travel consultants to book your trip on board the iconic train.

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