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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions, but please reach out to us with any queries or concerns and we would be more than happy to discuss.

Who is RoundAbout Travel Australia?

RoundAbout Travel was launched in 2008 as Australia’s only round the world airfare specialist. Founded in 2008 by Mark & Amy Trim, the goal of RoundAbout Travel was to build a company and a website dedicated to servicing internet savvy individuals that wanted expert & timely service, relevant information, a user friendly website and most of all great value. Now in our 13th year of trading, RoundAbout Travel has grown to 24 staff and sold in excess of $200 million of travel. You can read over 900 reviews about us on Facebook or Trustpilot. With the Covid-19 crisis causing mass disruptions to international travel in 2020, we are now relaunching with products based on emerging markets available to Australian travellers.


Beginning with RoundAbout Travel Australia, we are turning our expertise to designing travel experiences closer to home with a particular focus on luxury travel. Our team has hand crafted and curated a series of packages, deals and itineraries that enable you to explore and discover our own great country. As the world opens up, we will too with the launch of RoundAbout Travel New Zealand, RoundAbout Travel Pacific, RoundAbout Travel Asia, and of course, when round the world travel is a viable option again, we’ll still be the go-to experts for round the world airfares.

Is it safe to book with RoundAbout Travel Australia?

RoundAbout Travel Australia is a member of Helloworld Travel and is a fully AFTA/ATAS accredited travel agency, that’s extremely important in the current landscape.


All of our credit card transactions are processed via Travel Pay, a part of Zenith Payments, and we have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance as part of our ATAS accreditation requirements. Our company director Mark Trim is in the office Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm and can be reached on 1300 318 227 should you have any questions or concerns to address.

Will you still sell round the world airfares?

Absolutely! Just as soon as the international borders open up and worldwide travel resumes to a level that makes visiting 3+ continents in one trip a feasible option. Our Travel Consultants are still the best in the business at constructing these airfares, if you are hoping to plan a round the world trip feel free to reach out to our consultants at any time. We’ll announce options and fare prices as soon as the restrictions open up.

Why should I book with you?

We’re taking the same principles we instilled to make RoundAbout Travel RTW, QFlyer, Flat Beds, and Y Premium successful online businesses and applying them to RoundAbout Travel Australia. That is, you have the benefit of ease and convenience browsing our offers and enquiring online at any time of the day. However, once we have your enquiry you’ll receive a dedicated Travel Consultant who will be your direct contact from start to finish. No waiting on hold to call centres and emails going unanswered. Plus we still have our one business day service guarantee, which means that you will always have a response to your email or enquiry within 1 business day. Every time.

Can I pay with points?

As an American Express endorsed agency and member of Helloworld Travel, we are able to accept American Express Membership Rewards points as payment, either in full or a part payment towards your holiday.

How much are my AMEX points worth?

20,000 American Express Membership Rewards convert to $100 towards your holiday cost. You can choose how many points you want to offset your holiday cost. If you want to redeem 100,000 Membership Rewards you’ll receive $500. 500,000 Membership Rewards will contribute $2500 and so on.


Some online travel agencies tout the use of Qantas point towards your holiday cost. However, the conversion rates of Qantas points to dollars is extremely poor and those should remain in the Qantas program for use towards reward airfares. Converting AMEX Membership Rewards to cash is twice as effective as using Qantas points, we’d be happy to run you through the numbers to show you the difference.

Can I travel to New Zealand?

Not yet. Keep an eye out for RoundAbout Travel New Zealand as soon as Australians are able to travel to NZ though! As the world opens up, we’ll be here with our curated deals for travel to New Zealand, Pacific, Asia and more.

Can I use my deposit credit with Complex Travel Group?

With cancellations due to Covid-19 we provided a credit for the deposit value on each booking. The conditions of the deposit credit were that they can be used towards any of the marketed products by Complex Travel Group Pty Ltd. This includes any package, deal or tour promoted on our new RoundAbout Travel websites. Some of these can be tweaked to suit your needs, if you have a deposit on file and want to discuss alternations please ask your consultant for more information. Deposit credits cannot be used towards domestic airfares, these won’t be marketed on our site unless part of a set tour or package itinerary. Some suppliers may require additional deposits themselves to confirm bookings, in those instances any credit on file will be deducted from the balance payment. 

Will you still waive credit card fees?

No, we will be charging fees for payment via credit cards. Why the change? Before the Covid-19 crisis we treated the cost of merchant fees a business expense, factoring in average figures to our cost model along with rent, wages etc. This was always based on a small percentage of refunds which was quite predictable. The number of refunds experienced in 2020 has completely blown that model apart, as we do not get a refund of merchant fees from our payment providers which has caused a significant loss on the millions of dollars of refunds processed. By passing on the cost of credit card fees, which is becoming increasingly prevalent with retailers in general, we are able to offer more flexible conditions should border restrictions be reintroduced. This ensures that we can have a viable model long term whilst giving people the flexibility needed in the case of unforeseen restrictions.

How much will card surcharges be?

Payments via Visa will attract a 1.4% fee, MasterCard 1.2%, American Express 1.8%. International cards are accepted by arrangement only and will attract a 3% fee, additional documentation may be required. Payments are processed securely via our merchant processor TravelPay and the convenient ‘Pay Now’ functionality via our accounting software will continue to be available. Fee free payment options will continue to be offered via EFT and BPay (from debit accounts) and are encouraged where possible.

Do you offer After Pay or a similar service?

We don’t plan on offering a financing solution as we are not sold that these are good for customers in the long run. Whilst they appear in many places, we have seen little demand from our travellers in the past couple of years for these services with only a handful of queries on the topic from our many thousands of clients. This may be because we’ve typically focussed on premium airfares and our clients have usually be fine with credit card payments if short term financing was required. Should we receive sufficient feedback and demand for these products this will be reviewed, please let us know if you would like these kind of payment options.

Are bookings flexible in the event of Covid-19 restrictions?

The vast majority of suppliers are now providing flexible booking terms, with most allowing changes or refunds up until 14, 21 or 30 days prior to travel in the event of border restrictions being reintroduced. Change of mind flexibility doesn’t tend to be offered, however, balance payments are typically required only closer to the travel dates. Your consultant will advise specific conditions for your itinerary depending on the suppliers involved before any payments and bookings are confirmed.


    If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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